DealPlexus FAQ

  • labelWhat is DealPlexus & How does it work?

    DealPlexus is an online platform that caters to finance professionals engaged in corporate finance and investment banking activities. This portal provides tools for collaboration between financial deal makers as well as other stakeholders involved in the deal making/execution process.

    The unique features and services provided in this portal will help finance professionals who are engaged in deal-making to collaborate with one another for execution of their transactions, apart from aiding discovery of deals. The portal also aims to bring all the parties involved in deal making, like consultants & advisors, Capital Providers (lenders & investors) and service providers (lawyers, tax advisors, niche specialists etc) under one roof to enable discovery of best fit and foster inter-connection between parties so that all stakeholders collaborate over a deal in the most efficient manner possible.

    Thus, this portal is there to help finance professionals in all steps in the deal making & execution process, right from providing an intelligent framework for deal posting, enabling searches of partners, allowing best-fit through use of proprietary algorithms, helping connect parties over transactions, aiding in exchange of documents/communications and providing other useful tools for helping in deal execution.

  • labelWho can use DealPlexus?

    This following can register and use the services of this portal:

    star Finance professionals and firms that are engaged in corporate finance & investment banking activities. This portal will also be useful to professionals/firms who intend to develop as financial deal makers.

    star Service Providers such as lawyers, tax advisors, valuers and other specialists who provide important services for execution of various kinds of financial transactions.

    star Certified lenders & investors, across categories. Registration as a Capital Provider is by invitation only.

  • labelHow do I register onto the portal?

    Registration process has been designed to be extremely simple and quick. A new user who wishes to register just has to enter his/her e-mail ID and full name for registering.

    A password will be sent to the E-mail ID that was entered at the time of registration. The user can login subsequently using the same E-mail ID as login ID along with the password sent over by e-mail.

    Those who have LinkedIn IDs can also register through LinkedIn. In this case, the password will be sent to the email ID registered with LinkedIn.

  • labelHow do we verify authenticity of users?

    The authenticity of users who register onto the portal is very important to us to ensure that we build a community of professionals having the right profiles, backgrounds and interests. This is very important to establish an environment of trust & transparency, which will help us realize our goal to become the preferred platform for financial deal execution.While the onus to provide the right information on the portal is upto the individual user, we intend to take the following measures to verify the credentials:

    star Call back to every new user who registers onto the portal to establish bonafides

    star  Periodic verification of information provided by users on the portal

    star  Cross-checking of profiles with information available publically wherever possible.

    star Cancellation of registration wherever it is established that grossly wrong information has been provided deliberately by the user

    We will keep strengthening our verification process as we go along, and will keep updating users as and when the same happens.

  • labelWhy is it important to have an updated and complete profile?

    The portal aims to help users connect with the right partners who can help with deal execution, as also to help users discover deals that they can partner on. This discovery is aided by our in-built search functionality, further supported by proprietary algorithms that use information provided by users to recommend & suggest best fits.

    It is therefore very important to keep a fully updated & factually correct profile on the portal.

  • labelWhat all services I can expect from the portal?

    Please click here to read about our comprehensive features & services.

  • labelWhat is the process of posting a deal onto the portal?

    A user first needs to login using their Deal Enabler login credentials. Once logged in, the user may click on the "Deals" tab on the menu bar and then click on "Post a Deal". The will open the deal posting page where the user can fill in the details of the transaction. There are certain mandatory fields that need to be necessarily filled up. We encourage the user to fill in ALL the fields, as this will help improve efficiency of the Search functions as also the recommendations sent by the portal using proprietary algorithms.

  • labelCan I edit a deal after publishing?

    No, this feature is not available as of now. A deal once published cannot be edited as once a deal is published it is listed onto the portal.

    The user is advised to “Save” the Deal if changes in the deal parameters are expected. A “Saved” deal is not listed onto the portal.

  • labelHow do I remove a deal once I have published?

    Please write to us at for the same.

  • label Do I have to pay for registering onto the platform?

    Registration is absolutely FREE. However, we do have attractive paid plans with added features and benefits. Please click here to read about our pricing plans.

  • labelDo I have to pay a commission on deals I execute through DealPlexus?

    No, DealPlexus does not charge any commission for the deals that are executed through the platform.

    Any financial arrangement agreed between the users who collaborate on a deal through the portal shall be a mutual decision between the parties concerned, and DealPlexus shall have no role to play in the same.

  • labelWhat are the benefits of a paid subscription?

    Please click here to read about the benefits & features of our pricing plans.

  • labelHow do I change my password?

    Post login, click on the menu button next to your name (on the right hand side of the screen), scroll down and click "Change Password".Enter new password and retype to confirm it.

  • labelHow do I register as a Capital Provider?

    Registration as a Capital Provider is through invitation only. In case a user is interested in registering as a Capital Provider, a request for the same may be sent to and our team will get back to the user.

  • labelCan I register both as a Deal Enabler and Service Provider?

    Yes, this is allowed. However, separate e-mail IDs will need to be used for the registrations.

  • labelWhat is the Deal-Centre?

    The Deal Centre is a unique feature of DealPlexus that will simplify and fasten the deal execution process.

    Every Deal that is posted onto the portal will have a unique Deal-Centre. All the information related to the Deal, such as a) Deal Parameters b) Deal Partners & Deal Teams c) All documents related to the deal d) all communications between the deal partners and deal teams, can be seen on the Deal-Centre.

    Through the Deal-Centre, a user can invite other users to partner on the deal, form deals teams exchange documents with his/her Deal Partners/Deal Teams and send messages to his/her Deal Partners/Deal Teams.

    Thus, the Deal-Centre is a single repository for all information, partners, documents & communication flows related to a Deal. This solves the common problems faced by deal makers while using other means such as emails/ messaging to communicate & exchange documents with different parties, where it is difficult to keep track of flow of documents and information related to a deal.

    The Deal-Centre can be accessed through “Deals”→“My Deals”→ “My Deals”/“Connected Deals” → Deal-Centre.

  • labelHow do I update my profile?

    Post login, click on the menu button next to your name (on the right hand side of the screen), scroll down and click "My Profile". You can update and save your profile. It is advisable to fill in all the fields to allow for efficient searches and recommendations by the portal through proprietary algorithms.

  • labelHow do I connect with or invite other Users to partner on my deals?

    This can be done in two ways:

    star  Post Login, go to Deals (on top menu bar) → My Deals. It will show two tabs - "My Deals" and "Connected Deals". Click on "My Deals", the deals posted by you will be listed. Click open the deal for which you want to connect with partners, go to "Deal Partners" tab, and click on the "Invite Partners" button. A window will open, where you can choose a deal partner from either your favourite users or through the "Search More" button, which will take you to the search bar from where you can search for users. Once you click on the "Invite" or "Connect" button, a request will go to the user with a brief of the deal. Once the other user accepts the request he/she will be connected on the Deal. You can view the connected partners under the "Deal Partners" tab in the Deal-Centre.

    star  Post Login, go to the top menu bar, click "View" → "Deal Enablers". It opens the Deal Enabler search view, where you can use the search bar with advance search filters to look for users with the profiles that you are looking for. Clicking on a name will open the profile, where you can click on the "Invite" button. A window will open wherein you will need to select the deal(s) for which the connection request is to be made. After you select the deal(s), click on the "Connect" button on the bottom right hand corner of the window. A connection request will be sent to the user.

  • label How do I connect on a deal posted on the portal?

    Post login, Go to the Deal Search view by clicking the appropriate option from "View" bar on top menu. You can search for a deal using the search bar along with advanced filter. Click on a deal to view the deal details. Clicking on the "Connect" button on the top right hand corner will send a connection request to the Deal owner. Once the deal owner accepts the request, you will become a partner to the deal.

    You can see the Deal-Centre for this deal under "Deals" → "My Deals" → "Connected Deals".

  • labelHow do I send documents to users who have partnered me on my deals?

    Post Login, go to the Deal Centre through Deals → My Deals → My Deals. Click on a Deal to open the Deal-Centre. Go to "Documents" tab, click on "Upload New Document". A document upload window opens from where you can browse and upload documents onto the Deal-Centre.

  • labelI have partnered on some other user's deal. How can I access the documents shared with me by the other user?

    Post Login, go to Deals → My Deals → Connected Deals. Click on a Deal to open the Deal-Centre. Go to the "Documents" tab, where you will find the documents shared with you by the Deal Owner. You can open/download the documents from there.

  • labelHow do I send a message to a Deal Partner?

    Post Login, open the relevant Deal-Centre by following the paths mentioned above. Click on the "Communications" tab to see the messages. You can also send messages through this tab.

  • labelWhat to do after posting the deal?

    Investors can now send you connection request on this deal you can also invite investors to connect over your deal.

  • labelWhat to do after approving connection from investor?

    You can now invite your approved connection to become lead investor or if you wish you can wait for more connection requests/approvals before you do the same.

  • labelWhat is lead investor? What will lead investor do?

    If you have received any request for lead investor, click here to accept/reject requests. If you approves a lead investor on this deal, he can request co-investors to participate on the deal.

  • labelWhat to do after approve a lead investor?

    Lead investor has been approved for your deal. Now lead investor can also invite other co-investors who can participate in the deal collectively. If you want to change the lead investor, you can contact us on

  • labelHow to Invest in a deal?

    You can invest and participate in any deal by making a connection first. Click on "Connect" button to send a connection request to deal owner over this deal.

  • labelWhat you need to do after sending a connection request?

    Your connection request is the subject of deal owner's approval. You can do further action after approval of connection request by deal owner.

  • labelHow to become a lead investor?

    if you want to lead this investment, you can send a request to become a lead investor by clicking "Request To Become Lead Investor". Lead investor can create his own team and participate in the deal collectively.After approval of this request, you can create your own team of investors and participate in the deal collectively.

  • labelWhat to do after become a lead investor?

    After become a lead investor, you can create your own team by inviting other investors or by approving request received You can go to the investor listing click here and invite other investors (who you think might co-investor) to connect over this deal.