Deal enablers are a key constituent of the financial sector and provide valuable service in helping execute all types of financial transactions.

Deal Enablers, whether individuals or firms, act as mediators or links between parties to a deal and are skilled at bringing commercial or financial deals to a satisfactory conclusion.

By bringing counterparties together and serving as conduits for information flow they facilitate transaction execution.

In today's digital world, the role of the intermediary has only changed complexion, and has not vanished. The intermediary has had to evolve as he competes in a more complex environment and can succeed only by expanding & transforming his functions and embracing sophistication.

In fact, by harnessing the power of the internet, the intermediaries can provide greater value to their customers. In the digital world, entities that accelerate & leverage connections stand to gain in value, and since by nature the role an intermediary is to create connections, internet can be used to amplify value provided by an intermediary.

DealPlexus endeavours to provide power to the Deal Enabler community. It aims to serve the interests of qualified/credible deal enablers by helping them evolve & succeed through the power of collaboration, and by providing them access to other participants of the financial/deal-making eco-system.

This platform thus aims to democratize & simplify the deal making process by expanding reach exponentially & amplifying capabilities through collaborations.